2020 was the most difficult year worldwide after the World War II. We all found ourselves unprepared to face a pandemic and, following an economic crisis never seen before, the healthcare crisis didn’t spare anyone.

Massimo Nuti, President of Roberto Nuti Group, explains how the 2020 has developed and how it has ended for the company and branches.

“First of all, I shall thank everyone who has worked very hard and efficiently in all branches of RNB Group. They all showed hard working and team working spirit throwout this difficult year. During the first semestre we experienced a new and unpredictable situation and nobody was ready to face it. Despite this, we worked very well¬† and we succeeded all together to fight the crisis effects. The final result actually has been much better than what the Group expected from the first designed emergency plan”.

How Robeto Nuti Group joint ventures in India and in Turkey reacted during this difficult time?

“Sabo Suspension System, our joint venture producing Sabo Airsprings in Turkey, is going through a positive and productive period and, thanks to our wide and high quality range of products and competitive prices, it is keeping also a successful positioning in the market with bright prospectives in the future. During these present weeks we are pleased to be investing in new machineries destined for production”.

Sabo Hema is the Roberto Nuti Group joint venture in India. Is the healthcare situation still precarious in India?

“Yes it is. Despite this, our joint venture in Gurgaon has achieved very positive results sufficiently and therefore there was no need to provide a financial contribution from our associates. These days Sabo Hema is dealing with a relocation of its production site to a new, bigger and more functional one”.

What about the outcome of Sabo Ammortizzatori in Vicchio del Mugello, Italy?

“Our Italian shock absorbers production site has successfully overcome this difficult year minimizing the difficulties due to the downturn of orders”.

About Mupo, were there any repercussion? The racing sector has certainly suffered and, generally speaking, the motorcycle industry hasn’t shine worldwide.

Mupo has withstood this difficult Covid situation vigorously and with determination as well. It has closed this very difficult year with a sustainable outcome”.

Despite everything, Roberto Nuti Group has promoted new and important investments and this attitude translates into trust and into having great expectations for the future.

“The worldwide market and our customers have been trusting and have been appreciating our value in terms of high-quality products, punctual and precise customer service, wide range of products and competitive prices for more than 60 years. We aim to keep showing the same values in the future and we don’t want to stop exploring new ideas and new investments even during these uncertain months of pandemic”.

Among recent investments, can we highlight the new product range called UNI-TRAILER?

“Absolutely, we have recently launched on the market a brand-new shock absorber which offers major advantages and it has already received meaningful appreciation among our clients”.

Moreover, SABO brand is starting to position itself onto the railway market in Italy.

“We made investments to get the necessary certifications in order to become an accredited supplier among our potential railway’s customers. It was a very demanding challenge and thanks to this,¬† we enriched our technical knowledge”.

What should the RNB Group wish itself looking forward to 2021?

“Thanks to the team work and strong will of the Group, we succeeded to face and to get through this year ‘unexpected thunder storm’.We will keep moving forward with our started projects and our important investments will definitely bring new opportunities in the near future. I wish to everyone that 2021 is going to be a reborn and hopefully, we will start traveling again in order to meet our faithful customers also during the annual trade fairs”.