SABO Rosa 2018, Laura Broglio is the truck driver of the year

Her name is Laura Broglio, she lives and works in Lendinara, in the province of Rovigo, and she is the winner of the 2018 edition of the SABO Rosa prize, dedicated, on the occasion of March, to women working in the heavy transport chain: from the guide logistics, through workshops and spare parts dealers. The SABO Rosa is a special limited edition shock absorber because it is specially created once a year. To choose the winner, based on the applications received via the Web, and following an online vote, was a jury composed of three journalists and employees of the main sponsor of the initiative, the Roberto Nuti Group of Bologna, from more than half century leader in the field of industrial vehicles with Sabo brand spare parts.

“I thank all those who voted for me, allowing me to reach the final, and the Roberto Nuti Group, who chose me as the winner, despite the valid contenders for the award – comments Laura Broglio -. My passion for trucks was born randomly. One day some friends took me to a gathering dedicated to heavy vehicles and, for fun, I went up on a tractor. At that moment I felt a chill and remember having said to myself ‘you must take the license to drive it’. From that moment on I began to cultivate this new interest that has become, over time, the work of my life. The fact that I have the soul as a traveler, certainly helps”.

A choice, made by the Trucker of the Year 2018, which radically changed her life, giving her a new vision, as she likes to say, “from the top of a cabin. I wanted to show the world that you can and must be different from the usual cliches, that a girl may not be all nails and dresses – explains Laura Broglio -. I come from a family, I like to say ‘jacket and tie’, and when I decided to get a truck license, I was studying at the university of letters. Needless to say, for my parents it was a shock, even more so because they fed, like all the strangers in the industry, the clichés that this world carries with it. My father came up with a phrase like ‘which window can I throw?’ – Laura jokes -. Now they are happy because I found my size. I have a job that I like and it gives me satisfaction, it allows me to lead my life in full autonomy and economic security. What more could a parent want, if not his daughter’s happiness? I hope that these little conquests, like mine and those of other fellow drivers, push more girls to have the audacity to challenge themselves to feel free to be different and beautiful “.

Elisabetta Nuti, financial director of the Roberto Nuti Group and president of the jury presented the award. This is the motivation: “This year the jury decided to assign the Sabo Rosa to Laura Broglio to underline the value of the passion that, in the young driver, becomes the courage to take control of one’s own life and give concreteness to one’s dreams”. “The Sabo Rosa, now in its ninth edition, continues to highlight how in every trade, and in particular that of the heavy truck driver, people must be able to express what they are fully and what they love to do: two characteristics that women possess in a natural way – emphasized Elisabetta Nuti -. Thanks to Laura and her experience, made of sacrifices and personal choices that have radically changed her life path, we have one more example to bring to support a world, that of heavy transport, still little known and appreciated “.