Roberto Nuti Spa is the exclusive distributor of SABO products, which are designed for industrial vehicles and manufactured by the companies in the group: the range of shock absorbers, air springs as well as MUPO shock absorbers and forks for motorbikes and scooters. Roberto Nuti Spa is also the exclusive distributor for the Italian market for MEI/QAS brake levers, the MEI brake calipers, the GGT water pump, the AYD tie-rod, the Beweko clutches and Pilot seats.

Italy boasts great traditions in high quality, precision mechanical technology and this region particularly, where the company was founded and developed, is known as the “Land of Motors” because of a high concentration of historic brands which are famous worldwide.

Here, technology is a real culture, a tradition that keeps abreast of changing times and progress.
Each product built by any single company in the Roberto Nuti Group bears witness to this tradition; an all-Italian ability to design and build mechanical components of stunning technological value maintaining special attention to customer satisfaction.

Roberto Nuti Spa also has exclusive control of the distribution of other items in this sector for the Italian market.

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