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All our products are developed and designed in Italy, our aim is to produce parts that endure over time also working on worn means or subjected to very difficult working conditions. That’s why we invest particularly in the design and materials research in our Italian laboratories.

SABO – Shock absorbers for industrial vehicles

The whole SABO line for industrial veichles, manufactured and tested in two branches located in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, is ISO 9001 certified. The products are ready to deliver, both for the distribution and the final user. It is a full range suitable for the models of all the brands.

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SABO – Cabin shock absorbers

SABO cabin shock absorbers are designed for industrial vehicles. They are essential to improve driver’s comfort, safety and working environment.

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SABO – Shock absorbers for trains, trams and metro systems, agricultural applications and custom/special vehicles

To complete the range of SABO shock absorbers for industrial vehicles and cabs, in the SABO factory in Vicchio del Mugello are designed, validated and produced shock absorbers for original equipment, shock absorbers for trains, trams and metro, shock absorbers for agricultural applications and, on request, shock absorbers for special applications such as industrial washing machines, dodgems, military vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles and off-road vehicles. Key customers include manufacturers of road vehicles and vehicles for agriculture and various special applications.

The factory is certified ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO EN 15085 (welding).

Design work is done on CAD and FEM systems, with designers working closely with customers’ Technical Offices.

Project validation is performed according to the customer’s test specifications or in compliance with internal SABO specifications, with final certification of the product’s hydraulic characteristics carried out on an MTS test machine.

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SABO – Air springs

Italian expertise, guaranteed interchangeability with original components, excellent performance, longevity and good value for money. The quality of the combined work done by shock absorbers and air springs is fundamental for vehicle comfort and safety. When fitted together, the Sabo shock absorber and air spring ensure the height of performance for the driver.

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MEI/QAS – Automatic Slack Adjuster

The MEI Automatic Slack Adjuster (ASA) employs the most widely used and well proven design found in automatic slack adjusters today. The design, which incorporates the clearance sensing principle originally developed and patented by Haldex, is used on the majority of European trailers and nearly all European buses and trucks. It is interchangeable with the majority of ASA’s currently in service and, in the appropriate configuration, can be used on all applications with S-cam brakes.

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MEI – Calipers

Roberto Nuti Group is the Italy’s exclusive distributor for the industrial vehicle brake calipers produced by MEI, a long-standing leader in the industry with over fifty years of history. These are high quality items, TS16949 certified with two years’ warranty.

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PILOT – Seats

Roberto Nuti Group is the exclusive distributor of PILOT driver’s seats in Italy. PILOT currently produces a wide range of seats for commercial vehicles, buses and construction equipment. Thanks to its flexibility and capability, PILOT can easily offer and quickly produce alternatives seats’ models following the customer’s requirements, according to ISO 9002 and endorsing the finished product through the strict test of the German TÜV.

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AYD – Tie-rod

AYD, founded in 1975 in Turkey, is the world leader within the sector of steering parts. Its entrepreneurial, powerful, dynamic, and innovative structure is the locomotive of AYD.

It boasts successful numbers: 360,000 sqm covered area dedicated to production, in Turkey, more than 4,000 employees, 1.750 new to range parts developed annually, more than 4.2 million commercial vehicles parts produced monthly. Dedicated equipment and 12,000 sqm of forging area. Visual and functional inspection on 100% of the items.

“All under one roof” producing policy provides AYD a unique structure, every step from the first phase of production to the final delivery is specialized aiming customer satisfaction.

AYD Tie-rod are ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 2701: 2013 TS EN ISO 14001: 2015 ve IATF 16949: 2016 and Ce and SAEJ10 for Air Tanks.

AYD Commercial Vehicle parts are distributed exclusively in Italy by the Roberto Nuti Group

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MUPO – Race Suspension

A precious know-how, that goes from the paddocks to all the product range that is produced and tested with care, piece by piece, in order to guarantee safety and high performances.
In 2010 MUPO Srl became part of Roberto Nuti Spa group. Here, expertise and ability to innovate, typical of MUPO team, can take advantage of high-technology equipments and an efficient management and business structure in order to increase the quality of the product.

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