Just a few weeks ago, Luca Randighieri became the new General Manager of the Roberto Nuti Group. Born and bred in Modena and a law graduate, he has extensive negotiating, talent management, business planning, HR consultancy and coaching experience. Mr. Randighieri has been with RNB since 2017 and has held several positions on both the sales side and in the company processes and human resource areas.

“I took up this position after several years of solid work, highlighted by a strong sense of accord with the President, Massimo Nuti. The moment I joined the company”, explains the new General Manager, “I was given the task of ensuring that the entire Group moves as one in the same direction”.

How would you describe the Roberto Nuti Group?

“Ever since I joined, the company’s underlying principles have been crystal clear, the most important being punctuality, excellent customer care and meticulous attention to detail. As Leonardo da Vinci said, ‘details make perfection and perfection is not a detail’.”

It’s no chance occurrence that Leonardo is mentioned in one of our corporate videos. Anyone visiting Roberto Nuti Group facilities will immediately notice that everything is done in an orderly, precise manner…

“This is all down to organization. Reference points, competence centres and the precise execution of tasks are all clearly established. There’s also a strong focus on customers, not just external customers but also internal customers along every step of the process. Another company hallmark is, I’d say, an uncommon ability to listen, a quality shared with other branches in Tuscany, India and Turkey. It’s clear, then, that the Group’s values extend beyond Bologna to every one of its companies”.

Quite a few things have happened since you arrived…

“From an economic perspective, the Roberto Nuti Group has held up well since the pandemic began in 2020. What hit us hardest was not so much the recession but the suffering that involved everyone: our customers, our families. It was almost palpable, and forced us to react as effectively as possible”.


“First we set about organising things in way that put people first and ensured continuity of business. Right from the get-go we used all the resources at our disposal to minimise the inconvenience that everyone in our organisation and all our customers were experiencing. The situation forced us to adopt new ways of working. And not just temporary emergency solutions either, but substantial changes to working practices that featured new tools and procedures. Out of a challenging event we’ve gained valuable experience. The resulting changes have proved to be so successful that they’re likely to stay in place: going back is not an option”.

The health emergency aside, recent years have seen the Group continue to invest…

“Yes, we’re certainly future-focused. We’ve deployed skills and resources to hone the Group’s strategy. This means providing new markets with dedicated products, specifically designed and developed for areas that are new to us, such as agricultural vehicles and the fast-growing railway sector. Other applications are being developed too. Given our in-depth knowledge of shock absorber dynamics, we also took part in a major project dedicated to safeguarding historic buildings against earthquake damage. All this allows us make the most of Italian excellence in areas that are often very different from each other. One of the focal points of that excellence is in Vicchio, Tuscany, where our colleagues at Sabo Ammortizzatori are renowned for their creativity and quality”.

However, when it comes to manufacturing costs this is a testing time for Italy.

“Of course. Energy and raw materials are key topics right now. Higher costs are a major problem, especially at Italian plants. Hence my heartfelt thanks to those colleagues responsible for procurement: their far-sighted decisions have ensured we’re now able to face the market with relative peace of mind. At present our warehouses are well stocked and we’re capable, for the time being, of handling the situation in a way that’s sustainable. However, costs are likely to keep on rising and we shall need to manage the situation with the utmost care in the coming months”.

How do you see the Roberto Nuti Group developing over the next few years?

“I think we’ll become more and more international. The policy is to become, in every aspect, ever-more solid and reliable, ensuring complete satisfaction for customers worldwide. Those customers will be able to count on a progressively more efficient, far-reaching distribution network. The Roberto Nuti Group will increasingly be recognized as a key partner-provider of outstanding mobility solutions of every sort, offering reliable products and services with an unbeatable price-quality ratio. And, crucially, I’d also like this to happen without altering those unique characteristics that make the Group a place where people of all ages work together enthusiastically and share the same mission. It’s a great place to work. There’s a great atmosphere, a dynamism and energy that makes working together truly satisfying”.