SaboHema has moved. Our Indian company has a new factory and technologies that respect the values of our Group.

Here are some photos of the new premises of SaboHema, the Indian shock absorber factory that is part of our Group. On my first trip to India in 2007, I would never have imagined that I would have achieved such a result. I am moved and proud to think how far we have come in this beautiful but complicated country.

A special thank you to Marino Vitali and his wife Patrizia, who with a pioneering spirit have dedicated 3 years of their lives to help me build this ambitious project. A second special thank you goes to our current CEO, Mr SN Ahmed, who during this very difficult time, due to the pandemic, managed to complete the move with flying colours. My heartfelt thanks also go to all our Indian colleagues who enthusiastically accepted to move to the new plant, even though they had to make a sacrifice due to the greater distance from their homes. I would also like to thank Tommaso Pierozzi who, right from the start, supported me and helped me to make the most important decisions. My last thanks go to my wife, who has always supported me in this project of mine and, during the period of my installation, often gave up my presence. I would also like to thank all the people in our Italian headquarters for the help they have always given me in managing the companies in the Group.

Massimo Nuti (president of Roberto Nuti Group)