At the moment, Brexit is not creating any issues among italian companies which are exporting aftermarket trucks spare parts. “As a matter of fact, the time of agreements has just started and we are expecting that new export rules are going to be more solid from the beging of 2021, a time when Great Britain is expected to fully leave the EU”. – statesĀ Stefania Capelli, costumer assistant of the headquarter company Roberto Nuti Group, based in Bologna. Seeing as how EU agreements are loosing strength between Europe and UK, new agreements need to b signed. It is still too soon to start talking about a significant increase in trade rates. “For now – Mrs Capelli continues – we are just expecting a technical slow down of trade exchange due to adjustments to future trade rules”. It is possible that some rules or agreements are going to be adjusted during these months and it would be the right time to test some new decisions. It is essential to evaluate the new customs duties regulations between a non-EU Great Britain and Republic of Irland, which stays in the EU. Moreover, Northern Irland has always been dedicated to keep itself independent. In order to avoid difficult scenarios, for now it has been decided that all trades in goods are going to happen among sea boarders.

The best result of the transition stage will depend on the good will of European and britons politicians

The headquarter company Roberto Nuti Group, which includes also Sabo brand and Mupo, has a very important trade market in the UK. “We are absolutely not worried of this change as we have built excellent trading relationships with our UK clients”, reassures Stefania Capelli. During the transition stage Great Britain must still apply european trade rules. “We are waiting the transition developments with serenity at hearth. Eleven months could be not enough time to develop such complex agreements. The best result of this stage will depend on the good will of both parts in order to find the best possible solution for both who leaves and for who stays in EU”, says Mrs Capelli.

Hope addresses to a suitable deal but time is tight

Brexit deal is starting to develop and Europe’s hope is addressed to find a suitable agreement which could possibly avoid a “trade in goods war” between the largest world commercial powers. Italy expectations are addressed to avoid an imminent increase of strict trade duties thanks to a fair deal between EU and UK. Time is tight but Paolo Gentiloni, italian Commissioner for Economic and Monetary affairs of EU, assures during the World Economic Forum in Devon that there is already the good will to close the deal the best way possible: “EU is determinate to achieve the best deal possible and to keep the best relationship with UK. It is very difficult to achieve a good deal in 11 months but we think it is possible”.


Foto di Pete Linforth da Pixabay