The prestigious basketball tournament Bruna Malaguti is already 31 years old. It has always been organized by the basketball society BSL (Basket save my life) of Bologna area San Lazzaro every year and it has been addressed to the “cadetti” players category – under 16.  Roberto Nuti Group was the main sponsor of this tournament 2020 edition and the Group feels very proud to have promoted the best promising young basketball players throughout RNB brand and beliefs.

“Since I was a child I have always been living in San Lazzaro and RNB Group has been an important sponsor of BSL San Lazzaro for several years. This historical basketball society has always been in my hearth – explains Massimo Nuti, President of Roberto Nuti Group -, my strong bond to San Lazzaro area and my deep passion for this sport have led me to give my own contribution to this special sport society, which has always been very focused and determinate to teach young players both sport and life values through basketball”.

Bruna Malaguti tournament happened at Pala Yuri San Lazzaro from the 2nd and the 6th of January  and it hosted 16 basketball teams from all around Italy, including Series A sport society such as Virtus and Fortitude Bologna, Olimpia Milano, Reyer Venezia and others. During this tournament occurred 40 games, including a 3-point contest and the so called ‘Slam Dunk Contest’. The team who won the prestigious tournament was Oxygen Bassano: during the finals it defeated the team of Olimpia Milano scoring 69 – 60, while third place was for Cantù team.

“When I was young, I had played basketball for several years. I have always loved this sport, which I had also played at a competitive level – Massimo Nuti continues-. Thanks to this sport I gained important values which nowadays I am sharing and transmitting with passion to all the staff of Roberto Nuti Group. Essential values for me are: respect, sacrifice, union and sharing. Since ever my personal motto is: ‘Winning is together and Losing is together‘, that’s what makes a team successful both at work and in sports”.