The 2018 edition of Eicma is ended, Eicma is one of the most important world events for the world of motorcycling.

MUPO introduces at EICMA 2018 its first TRIAL fork, the “ZONA 1”, designed to fulfill the necessities of the most demanding riders. The fork’s structure has been engineered to endure under the most critical conditions. Lightness and strength are the characteristics of the materials which define this product. With high resistance steel stanchion tubes, lightened between the triple clamp, the friction coefficient is minimized thanks to the CVD Hyperlox surface treatment. With a 5 micron thickness, the stanchion tubes’ surface become more resistant to external factors, guaranteeing longer durability compared to traditional aluminum stanchion tubes.

The outer tubes are totally CNC machined from fine Ergal7075 T6. These are the most important parts of the fork: with an extreme and detailed weight reduction, the material resistance is not compromised. To ultimate this great work, the hard anodized surface with laser engravings provides a wonderful finish. All the inner components are in anodized aluminum alloy to avoid early oil contamination. The hydraulic system is placed on the left leg: two are the hydraulic adjusters, Compression and Rebound. With 32 positions for each register, every rider can find the best setting in every condition. The spring system is placed on the right leg. On the top cap, a 10mm span regulates the spring preload. At the bottom of the right leg, with 9 positions, the End stroke register allows the achievement of the optimal setting. Technical features: Stanchion tube diameter: Ø39mm – Stroke: 165mm – : 32 click – Rebound adjuster: 32 click – End Stroke register: 9 click – Axle pin diameter: Ø25mm –M18x1,5mm.

Products of recent production:

The new CSP30 Cartridge uses through-rod technology, which considerably improves the performance of open, sealed, or pressurized cartridges currently on the market. The through-rod system guarantees the reliability of a sealed or pressurized cartridge without any rebound disadvantage typical of gas-based systems. In this product, the rod enters and exits the body of the cartridge, thus avoiding the cavitation problems typically found in other cartridges. In addition, compression and rebound damping are completely independent, as each hydraulic part is individually adjustable. Technical Features: Cartridges diam. 30 mm in Ergal 7075 hard anodized and Lapped. Compression reg.: 30 clicks – Rebound reg.: 30 clicks – Spring preload: 10 mm – Piston Ø 30 mm. in Ergal 7075 with rectified plans and lapped – Rod Ø 12 mm in Ergal with low friction treatment – Internal fee expansion oil system – Chrome-Silicon steel springs – Mupo SAE 5 – 100% Synthetic.

Other Mupo products, designed for the world of Harley Davidson, are: ST1 twin shock absorbers pressurized gas (Nitrogen), with Ergal reservoir 40mm dam. The ST1 improves the control and comfort of the motorbike in all driving conditions. Thanks to the adjustments (compression and rebound), spring preload and length, everyone can achieve the correct setting. Technical features: Body shock in steel- Reservoir 40mm Ergal- Piston in Ergal 35mm / DU bushing – CNC parts machined- Steel piston rod 14mm- Rebuildable. Adjustment features: – Spring preload (C-spanner) – Rebound 40 positions- Adjustable length: 9mm. Available in total black or with the details shown in red; GT1HD the shock absorber from our range developed side by side to the most knowledgeable technicians in the Harley Davidson world, is available with oleo-pneumatic functioning: an internal piston separating the oil from the nitrogen. Adjustment Rebound 40 positions Spring preload (C-spanner) or optional hydraulic spring preload. Adjustable length.

Eicma 2018 image gallery: